Catching up.....

I know, I know. Once again, we have to play catch up on here, but things just always seem to get kind of crazy around our place. Let me start from back when......This picture below was taken right before Halloween and at that time, my little man was once again struggling with a snotty nose and sinus mess. You can't tell it by the smile on his face though, huh??

So Halloween finally gets here and we're still battling the snotty nose. Nothing seems to work!! Anyway, he had a big time doing the whole trick-or-treating thing. The costume was a little warm (I hadn't anticipated it being 70 degrees outside), but he did really well. I was afraid he migh be scared of some of the other costumes, but he did fine. He just wouldn't smile for his Mommy when she was trying to take his picture!

This was after trick-or-treating and as you can tell, he was thoroughly enjoying some of his treats!!
So in the meantime, we are STILL battling this runny nose business and it's getting to the point where he's coughing and beginning to tug at his ears, so off we go to the doctor and sure enough, we have an ear infection. We're on meds for this now so hopefully soon, I'll have a healthy little guy again!! Also, the weekend before last we had a nice surprise. Grandma came down for the weekend and we had a ball. We really didn't do anything big, just hung around the house and visited. I'll post those pictures soon. Glad you got to come Grandma and hope you will visit again soon!!!
Also, there has been a nasty stomach virus going around here and they've even had to close the schools to try and get people well. Isaac's sitter Michelle and all the other kids there except one have had this yucky bug. I thought we were going to miss it, but last night, it hit me and let me tell you, it's bad stuff!! So far, Isaac and Darren are both still good so please keep your fingers crossed and say an extra prayers that my guys won't get this thing!!!