Pictures with Santa

On Saturday, November 23rd, we went to Little Angels (a kid shop downtown) to try and get pictures with Santa. Now, I didn't have any big expectations for this but I really hoped that Layla would cooperate. I wasn't worried about Isaac at all, I knew he would have no problem. As it turns out, I was right. Layla would have nothing to do with the big guy in the red suit. He got up off his bench and we finally talked her into sitting down beside Isaac and just letting Santa stand up behind them. It wasn't the greatest, but at least I succeeded in getting a Santa picture this year!

I also took some at home because I wasn't sure if the above ones were going to turn out or not. They were in an extremely silly mood so this was the best I could get. 

One thing is for sure though.......I sure do love these kiddos, craziness and all!


Well, once again this Halloween has been bittersweet. Just like at her birthday, I figure this Halloween was the last one that I would be able to pick out Layla's costume for her. As opinionated as she is, I'm surprised it's lasted this long, but there is no doubt in my mind that next year, she will have her own ideas on what she wants to dress up as. I guess it's been fun while it lasted, but I'm also grateful for not only Layla but Isaac's independence too. I hope they both grow up to be strong-minded and don't let other people's opinions influence them. Anyway, before I get too deep, here are some pics from this year's Halloween.
This was the first year that Layla really got it and understood what Halloween was all about. After making our first stop and proudly saying "Trick or Treat" like she's been instructed to, she turned to me with her eyes wide and a smile and said "Mama, they gave me candy!"
It was a messy evening, but we had lots of fun and the kids definitely enjoyed all their goodies.

Isaac was the red Lego Ninjago
Layla was a Ladybug

Weekend at Papa's

After work on October 25th, we loaded up and headed to Papa's for the weekend. We had our fall family pictures scheduled for the 26th so we just made a weekend out of it. As always, it was a fun-filled weekend, which is something we can always count on when visiting Papa and Nana.

Riding the 4-wheeler

Skipping on steps

My guys

Another one of Isaac's silly faces

Thanks for another great weekend guys. We'll see you again soon!

Football Girl

Darren and Isaac were out practicing football one evening and of course, Layla didn't want to be left out. She is our little football girl! Also, notice the "Kitty Face" she wanted her Mimi to paint on her face.
Love her!


Fall Fun

I somehow managed to get these kiddos to cooperate for a few pictures after church playing in the fall leaves. They were having so much fun and didn't want to come in to change!
Love these little ones!

Pouty Face

On Saturday, October 12th, Mimi, Layla, and I went shopping for the day. Layla had on a new outfit that was so very cute and all I wanted was a cute picture of her, but of course, this was a day that she didn't want to cooperate.......at all.
This pouty face was the best I could get, but you know what?
I still got my picture of the outfit!

More Football

As much as my Dad loves the game of football, it was pretty much a given that he would come and watch Isaac play. I know it just warms his heart to see his grandson enjoying the game he adores so very much. Papa came to watch Isaac play several games and you could tell it meant a lot to Isaac to see him there too. Of course, Papa also loves photography and this proved to be a great venue for some pics. Here are several that Papa took while at one of the games. 

Daddy helping get ready for the game

Gotta make sure to stretch and get warmed up!

Run Isaac!!

And now, the many faces of Isaac......

Love this sweet boy so very much!


Even with a bit of apprehension from me, Darren signed Isaac up for football this fall. I was really nervous about how he would handle things because he is usually a pretty sensitive little guy. I was pleasantly surprised at how it all turned out though. He absolutely loves it! I'm still a bit hesitant for him to play simply because of the physical risks, but at this stage, the hits aren't too terribly hard. 
They ended up having a pretty decent season and came in 2nd place out of 4 teams. Darren, again, helped coach and I think he had a pretty good time as well. These are some pictures from his very first game.

Opryland Hotel

The TN SHRM conference that I usually attend was held at the Opryland Hotel this year. I was super excited to go because even though I grew up about an hour from this place, I had never spent a night there. It was so very beautiful and everything I had imagined it would be. The conference was great during the day and the Darren and I would go out and explore each night. We even got to meet up with my brother for dinner one night so that was nice too. I can only imagine how amazing this place looks at Christmas. I hope we can bring the kids someday and let them enjoy this place too. Great trip!