Weekend at PaPa's

Well, I have finally reached a point where I could slow down and update this thing. Things have been pretty busy for me lately with Isaac being sick, us going out of town, and learning a lot of new things at work. I'm in the process of learning our payroll system, which is HUGE. I'm excited though because eventually, payroll as well as the rest of things that are HR related, will be mine. It's a lot of responsibility, but definitely something I'm looking forward to. They are probably sending me to some training sometime in the coming months. It will be a week long deal and I'm trying to get Darren to go with me so we can take Isaac. It will either be to San Antonio or Las Vegas. I think either one would be fun, but Darren is all about Vegas!! I hope it works out that he can go though because I can't imagine being away from my baby for a whole week!
Anyway, last weekend, we took a trip to middle TN to visit PaPa Murf and MaMa Hope. We got in kind of late Friday night, but Isaac had slept a lot on the road so he was raring to go! Saturday morning, me and Hope got up and headed into M'boro for my step-sister Amanda's baby shower. I met several new faces and we all had a pretty good time. She got lots of nice things for little Callie Grace, who is due to make her grand debut in about 3 weeks! While we were gone to the shower, Isaac stayed with DaDa and PaPa Murf and PaPa's friend Sperry. They stayed behind to do "man stuff", which consisted of them shooting guns and having target practice. Isaac had a big time just playing outside with them and they couldn't have asked for a better day. Saturday night, we all went back to the Boro and ate dinner at Olive Garden. Yummy!!! Sunday morning, we all slept in some and just hung around the house and played until about lunchtime, which is when we hit the road headed back to Savannah. We had such a good time visiting and the weather was just wonderful! I am SO ready for spring and I know Isaac is too. He's definitely an "outdoorsy" kind of guy and is much more mobile and stable than he was this time last year so this will definitely be a fun spring and summer. Here are some photos from our weekend.....

As you can tell just from these last 2 photos, Isaac and PaPa had a very big time together! We love you PaPa and we'll see you again soon!


Almost Friday....

Finally, my little man is well once again. He has a little bit of a runny nose, but after being in the hospital and all, that is a piece of cake! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I was so glad to be home and I know Isaac was too. The hospital is definitely no place to be, especially with a little one! This has been a pretty uneventful week so far, which is perfectly fine with me. We are planning a trip to the Boro this weekend to stay with PaPa Murf and MaMa hope and also attend my step-sister Amanda's baby shower. I'm sure we will take tons of photos while we are there and I will gladly share them when we return. Here are just a couple of his latest. I know I haven't posted any in awhile, but as you can tell, he's just getting so big so fast. I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!!!

This is one of my new favorites. He has finally gotten to where he will look at you and actually smile when he knows he's going to get his picture made. This was taken last Saturday, just one day after we got out of the hospital and as you can tell, he was feeling SO much better. A happy baby definitely means a happy Mommy!!!