The Beach

I have been begging Darren for quite some time now about wanting to go to the beach again. The last time we went was the summer after Layla was born and she didn't even go with us then. My Mom wasn't working so she kept baby Layla with her while we went down. Isaac had been wanting to go back and since Layla had never seen the ocean, I wanted her to be able to go too. We finally found a place for us all to stay. Donny and Janet went too and we all piled in and headed down to Orange Beach for a few days. We actually stayed in the same condo building as we did last time so it was nice to be familiar with things.
Our front balcony view
As soon as we arrived, the kids begged to change into their bathing suits so they could go down to the water. I wasn't sure how Layla would do with the ocean, but she definitely proved she is a true water baby. She loved it!

Beautiful full moon over the ocean

The whole week was absolutely great and I can't wait to go back again next year. The beach has always been one of my very favorite places to go and I'm so glad the kids love it too!


Fun at the Farm

I bought a little blow up pool at the end of summer last year on clearance, but had forgotten about it until it was found by Isaac. He had a fit to blow it up to play so one Saturday, we took it over to the farm at Crump to blow it up and let them play. Those kids had more fun with that little cheap pool than I ever could have dreamed and we had a ball just watching them. 
As you can tell, it doesn't take much to keep them entertained and happy!

Tan Lines

I'm sure I will get it for this someday but I just couldn't resist. 
Isaac and Layla both tan very easily and they both tan so pretty.
We aren't in to summer very far at all and they already look like this.

Love these little summertime cuties!

The Howard Party

On June 22nd, the Howard family had their annual birthday party get-together. It was lots of fun and it's always good to see family. We didn't get to do many pictures this time, but I did manage to snag a couple of the kiddos.

silly girl!

Isaac's Birthday Part 2

On Saturday, June 8th, we had Isaac's birthday party. It had originally been scheduled for the previous Saturday, but at the last minute, some of his baseball games had been rescheduled for that day so we had to postpone it for a week. He wanted to have his party at P3, which is an indoor arcade with glow in the dark miniature golf and laser tag. He had several of his buddies there and they all had a great time. Unfortunately, his Mama didn't get any pics of the group as a whole. :(
However, I did get some of the birthday boy and his cake.

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Happy Birthday sweet boy! 
Your Mama can't believe how fast 6 years have gone by and am sure the next 6 will go even faster.
I hope and pray that you grown into a smart, good-hearted, Christian man. 
Always know that no matter what, you will always be your Mama's sweet baby boy.
I love you.

Isaac's Birthday Part 1

In order to be able to come and watch one of Isaac's baseball games, Papa and Nana decided to come down for Isaac's birthday the weekend before his actual party. Isaac was supposed to play a double-header that day, but the 2nd game ended up getting rained out.

Birthday Boy!
 Papa is known for picking out really cool gifts for the kids. This year, Isaac got a contraption that makes gigantic bubbles. There is a big wand included with a mixture for some extra special bubbles. Both of the kids absolutely loved it and once again, Papa's gift was a hit!
Here are a couple of pics of the big bubbles.

We are so glad you were able to come and visit for the weekend. Thank you for the cool bubble maker and we hope to see you again soon. We love you Papa and Nana!

Layla's Graduation

On May 23rd, Layla's daycare had their annual spring graduation. This marks the end of their school year and the beginning of their summer program as well as the kids transition to the next class up. Layla had another great year there and we are so thankful for CCDC and all that they do. 

Layla, Jenna, & Mallory. 

 These 3 have been together since they started CCDC in the infant room. So grateful for these girls and their sweet friendship!

Kindergarten Graduation

On May 21st, my baby boy graduated Kindergarten. Where does the time go? I know it's cliche', but time truly does just fly by. Isaac had a great year this year and is already reading quite a bit. I hope he continues to be excited about learning and am looking forward to watching him grow and learn.

Isaac's principal, Mr. Davis

Isaac and his teacher, Mrs. Tammy Boyd
Isaac and his former daycare classmates, Isabella and Hudson

Congratulations Isaac!

We are so proud of you Isaac. You have grown into such a sweet and loving boy and hope you continue in those ways. We love you!