Pictures at the Farm

Sometime back, I contacted a friend of mine, Wendy Hardin, about doing some pictures for us. Wendy's sister, Linsey, is one of my dear friends from high school that I lived with the year I attended Tennessee Tech. Wendy has a photography business and does great work so I had an idea I wanted to see if she would do. I had always wanted to do some family pictures at my grandparent's old farm and since Wendy grew up not far from there, I knew she would know exactly where I was talking about. We scheduled the session for April 20th, which was a weekend I was going be in Carthage anyway. Long story short, the photos turned out great & the kids cooperated like champs. She was able to get a lot of great shots, but these are some of my favorites.

This one is my absolute favorite

Wendy, I can't thank you enough for doing these photos for us. Not only are the pictures great, but having them done in this location means more to me than you know. The farm is a dear place to me and a place where some of my happiest memories of childhood were made. Even though this place no longer belongs to our family, I'm so grateful to have these pictures and will treasure them forever.

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