The Beach

I have been begging Darren for quite some time now about wanting to go to the beach again. The last time we went was the summer after Layla was born and she didn't even go with us then. My Mom wasn't working so she kept baby Layla with her while we went down. Isaac had been wanting to go back and since Layla had never seen the ocean, I wanted her to be able to go too. We finally found a place for us all to stay. Donny and Janet went too and we all piled in and headed down to Orange Beach for a few days. We actually stayed in the same condo building as we did last time so it was nice to be familiar with things.
Our front balcony view
As soon as we arrived, the kids begged to change into their bathing suits so they could go down to the water. I wasn't sure how Layla would do with the ocean, but she definitely proved she is a true water baby. She loved it!

Beautiful full moon over the ocean

The whole week was absolutely great and I can't wait to go back again next year. The beach has always been one of my very favorite places to go and I'm so glad the kids love it too!

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