Christmas 2012

After a very late night Christmas Eve, we all slept in on Christmas morning until about 8:30. This is what Santa left at our house.
 After opening their Santa gifts, we did our stockings and exchanged our gifts from each other. The kids then got to play awhile with all their new stuff.

Mimi and PawPaw came by to visit and have brunch with us awhile. Derek and his family were coming in later so we had to load everything up and head to Crump, where we would be doing Christmas. 
Layla sacked out before noon.......too much Christmas already!
Once we got to Crump, I helped Janet get dinner going while we waiting for the Derek and his crew to arrive. Once they arrived, we ate dinner and then exchanged gifts.
The boys LOVED their light sabers from Uncle D

Jakob acting silly!

Layla getting some love from PawPaw

Brothers acting crazy!
All in all, we had a wonderful, blessed Christmas. We got to spend time with each of our families and got lots of nice gifts too. Darren and I were both off the rest of the week so it was nice to just chill and hang out with our babies.
2012 has been a good year with lots of ups and downs and I'm excited to see what's in store for us in 2013!!

Christmas Eve 2012

With the way the Christmas holidays fell this year and Darren's work schedule, we had to do things a bit different. Darren and I met my Mom in Spring Hill on Friday, December 21. Me and the kids would go back to Carthage with her and since Darren had to work both Saturday and Monday, he would come on to Carthage when he got off at lunch on Monday. 
The weekend was a typical weekend at Grandma's with visiting, church, and Sunday lunch. The nice thing was that after lunch on Sunday, we didn't have to rush back to Grandma's house to pack up and hit the road! We did miss Daddy though and we were all excited when Monday finally got there and we knew he'd be on his way.
Grandma's new little kitten, Toby
 On Christmas Eve evening, we all gather at my Grandmother's house for dinner. I always love this time of year because the entire family isn't together any other time of the year like this. I see them here and there throughout the year, but not all together in one place like this. We eat dinner and visit and then once everyone has gone, we exchange gifts with Grandma and Moms.
We tried and tried and this was the best family shot we could get!
After gifts, we get the kids changed into their pjs, load up, and hit the road back to Savannah. It's always late when we get home and even later when we finally get into bed, but I'm so grateful to be able to spend that time with my family that it doesn't bother me. We got home and got the kids smoothly into bed. After all, they had a big day coming in the morning!!

Christmas Programs

As luck would have it, both kids' Christmas programs ended up being on December 17. Thankfully, Layla's was at 3:30 and Isaac's was at 6:00 so it wasn't a problem for Darren and I both to attend both programs. Layla's was in the church sanctuary at her daycare and was very cute. However, once Layla spotted her Daddy taking pictures, she cried out "Daddy!" and then "Mommy!" and ran off the stage to us. I didn't mind though. I'll take snuggles anytime!

Layla and her bestie, Jenna, after the program
I went back to work after Layla's program to finish up a few things. Isaac's program started at 6:00 so we had to rush after work to get dinner wolfed down and back to school in time. 

The pics from Isaac's program aren't the best as I was pretty far off and experimenting with my camera lens. He did a great job though and it was fun to watch.
Christmas is getting closer!!
Wednesday, December 19 was Isaac's last day of school before Christmas. Thankfully, his Mimi was off work too so he will be spending lots of time with them over this holiday season.
Up next.......Christmas!!!

Thanksmas 2012

On Friday, December 14, we headed to my Dad's for our annual Thanksmas weekend. We were all excited about visiting for the weekend and the kids were extra excited because they knew presents would be involved! It was pretty late when we arrived so we let the kids play for a short while and then we all headed to bed. 
On Saturday, we got up and dressed and then took some pictures (of course!).


After playing outside a bit, coming in for lunch, and getting a couple of naps out of the way, it was time for dinner, and after dinner was........present time!!!
Family shot minus Patrick.......he had to work. :(
Callie Grace

Playing with Isaac's new lego table
He loved his MTSU jersey!
The girls got little puppy dog purses with nail polish and lipstick inside so they spend the rest of the evening fixing everyone up!

The next morning, we got up and breakfast, then visited a bit before it was time to go. Nana had a special surprise planned......making cookies! The kids enjoyed this too!
Isaac feeding Layla her breakfast

Thanksmas weekend was another success. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if it included Patrick.....but I guess there's always hope for next year!

Illness/Accident Report

The month of December started out pretty rough for this house. Layla and Isaac had both been a bit snotty since Thanksgiving weekend, but we really thought it was just allergies and would eventually clear up on their own. We continued our daily dose of Zyrtek and hoped for the best! On Saturday, December 1, Darren and I took the kids to Mimi and PawPaw's house for the night so we could go to Jackson to get our Christmas shopping done. Layla was a bit warm when we left, but we really didn't think much about it. Mimi checked her temp around 2:00 and it was 102.5, so she then dosed her with ibuprofen. Then, a little after 5:00, she called to let us know she had just checked her temp again and it was now 105.5. That's when this Mama went into panic mode! I called Dr. Hall and explained the situation to her and she told my mother-in-law to meet her at the clinic with Layla. After checking her out and running a couple of tests, it was determined that Layla had the flu. By that time, the pharmacies in town were closed, but thankfully Dr. Hall was able to her the meds she needed from the hospital. We headed back to Savannah to get our little ones and head back to our house for the night. Thankfully, Layla's fever broke sometime during the night and as the week went on, she recuperated pretty quickly. We sent Isaac on to school on Monday and that day went completely normal. On Tuesday, the school called me a little after 9:00 saying Isaac was complaining and saying he didn't feel good and was running a low-grade fever. I knew immediately he probably had the flu too so I called the office to see if Dr. Hall could get him in and thankfully, she said bring him on. Of course, he too had the flu so there I panicked. I needed to work this week to finish paperwork from open enrollment at work. After chatting a bit with my boss, she assured me all was fine and not to worry, that the kids came first. I knew this already, but her reassurance made me feel so much better. Me and the kids tried to make the best of our week together. We played, read books, and watched movies and even though they both seemed to bounce back super fast, they weren't allowed to return to school or daycare until Monday of the following week. Also, thankful to many prayers, Darren and I both were able to avoid being sick ourselves.
Also during this flu-filled week, Layla had an accident. I was in our bedroom folding clothes and she was coming into our room from the living room with the Ipad in tow. As she was coming through the door, she dropped the Ipad on her toe. The Ipad has an otterbox cover on it that makes it a bit heavier so I knew she was definitely in pain. 
About 30 minutes later, this is what her toe looked like.
Talk about feeling bad! I felt like the worst Mommy EVER, but thankfully she's one tough cookie and only cried about 5 minutes before she was back running around the house. Isaac had a similar incident when he was a bit younger than her when he dropped a can of spaghetti o's on his foot. His toe was so bad that eventually, his entire nail came off. Hers wasn't hit that hard though and just seems to be bruised a bit. Thank heavens for tough little girls!
The next Monday, I was so excited about going back to work! I have complete respect and admiration for full-time stay at home Moms. I love my kids dearly and would do anything in the world for them, but I need my space and grown up time too. Plus, it was nice for the kids to get back to their normal routines too. I'm just grateful the sickness hit before Christmas got here!

Thanksgiving Weekend

On Thanksgiving Day, me and the kiddos headed out to Carthage for the weekend. Darren always hunts on that weekend so we usually spend it with my Mom. This year was extra special as my Aunt Carol and cousins Haley and Casey were able to come in for a visit. What a treat! They came in on Wednesday night and left out Friday morning so they weren't here long, but I'm always grateful for any time we get to spend with them.
Once we arrived at my Grandmother's house, the kids were extremely wound up after being in the car for 3 hours. They made me tired just watching them play!

The next couple of days were just lazy days. We hung around Grandma's house and visited with her and Moms. On Sunday, we went to church as usual and came back to Moms' house for Sunday lunch. Before we ate, we were able to snap a few photos though.

Just like always, it was hard to pack up and leave the ones we love but it felt good when we finally got home. We'll be back soon as Christmas is just around the corner!