Christmas Programs

As luck would have it, both kids' Christmas programs ended up being on December 17. Thankfully, Layla's was at 3:30 and Isaac's was at 6:00 so it wasn't a problem for Darren and I both to attend both programs. Layla's was in the church sanctuary at her daycare and was very cute. However, once Layla spotted her Daddy taking pictures, she cried out "Daddy!" and then "Mommy!" and ran off the stage to us. I didn't mind though. I'll take snuggles anytime!

Layla and her bestie, Jenna, after the program
I went back to work after Layla's program to finish up a few things. Isaac's program started at 6:00 so we had to rush after work to get dinner wolfed down and back to school in time. 

The pics from Isaac's program aren't the best as I was pretty far off and experimenting with my camera lens. He did a great job though and it was fun to watch.
Christmas is getting closer!!
Wednesday, December 19 was Isaac's last day of school before Christmas. Thankfully, his Mimi was off work too so he will be spending lots of time with them over this holiday season.
Up next.......Christmas!!!

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