Thanksgiving Weekend

On Thanksgiving Day, me and the kiddos headed out to Carthage for the weekend. Darren always hunts on that weekend so we usually spend it with my Mom. This year was extra special as my Aunt Carol and cousins Haley and Casey were able to come in for a visit. What a treat! They came in on Wednesday night and left out Friday morning so they weren't here long, but I'm always grateful for any time we get to spend with them.
Once we arrived at my Grandmother's house, the kids were extremely wound up after being in the car for 3 hours. They made me tired just watching them play!

The next couple of days were just lazy days. We hung around Grandma's house and visited with her and Moms. On Sunday, we went to church as usual and came back to Moms' house for Sunday lunch. Before we ate, we were able to snap a few photos though.

Just like always, it was hard to pack up and leave the ones we love but it felt good when we finally got home. We'll be back soon as Christmas is just around the corner!

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