Christmas Eve 2012

With the way the Christmas holidays fell this year and Darren's work schedule, we had to do things a bit different. Darren and I met my Mom in Spring Hill on Friday, December 21. Me and the kids would go back to Carthage with her and since Darren had to work both Saturday and Monday, he would come on to Carthage when he got off at lunch on Monday. 
The weekend was a typical weekend at Grandma's with visiting, church, and Sunday lunch. The nice thing was that after lunch on Sunday, we didn't have to rush back to Grandma's house to pack up and hit the road! We did miss Daddy though and we were all excited when Monday finally got there and we knew he'd be on his way.
Grandma's new little kitten, Toby
 On Christmas Eve evening, we all gather at my Grandmother's house for dinner. I always love this time of year because the entire family isn't together any other time of the year like this. I see them here and there throughout the year, but not all together in one place like this. We eat dinner and visit and then once everyone has gone, we exchange gifts with Grandma and Moms.
We tried and tried and this was the best family shot we could get!
After gifts, we get the kids changed into their pjs, load up, and hit the road back to Savannah. It's always late when we get home and even later when we finally get into bed, but I'm so grateful to be able to spend that time with my family that it doesn't bother me. We got home and got the kids smoothly into bed. After all, they had a big day coming in the morning!!

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