Thanksmas 2012

On Friday, December 14, we headed to my Dad's for our annual Thanksmas weekend. We were all excited about visiting for the weekend and the kids were extra excited because they knew presents would be involved! It was pretty late when we arrived so we let the kids play for a short while and then we all headed to bed. 
On Saturday, we got up and dressed and then took some pictures (of course!).


After playing outside a bit, coming in for lunch, and getting a couple of naps out of the way, it was time for dinner, and after dinner was........present time!!!
Family shot minus Patrick.......he had to work. :(
Callie Grace

Playing with Isaac's new lego table
He loved his MTSU jersey!
The girls got little puppy dog purses with nail polish and lipstick inside so they spend the rest of the evening fixing everyone up!

The next morning, we got up and breakfast, then visited a bit before it was time to go. Nana had a special surprise planned......making cookies! The kids enjoyed this too!
Isaac feeding Layla her breakfast

Thanksmas weekend was another success. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if it included Patrick.....but I guess there's always hope for next year!

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