My Little Cuties

Things have been going pretty smooth around here lately, just been busy, busy, busy!

Just wanted to post a couple of pics of my sweet babies.

Miss Layla

Mister Isaac

Hope all is well with everyone and I will hopefully catch up more soon!

Weekend at Grandma's

On Friday, October 14th, we deaded out to Grandma's house for the weekend. On Saturday, our nephew Jakob was having his birthday party in Murfreesboro. It was held at Patterson Park, which has an indoor pool. Isaac was very excited about this, but after seeing the water and slides, his sister Layla was pretty excited too. We hadn't brought anything for her to get in the water with because neither Darren or I was planning on getting in the water either. Well, she ended up throwing a fit so Darren's Mom went and got her some little swimmers to put on so she could play around in the shallow end.

Isaac having a ball

Miss Layla all wrapped up after getting out of the water

Layla having a ball on the swings outside too

Layla and Daddy

After the party, we headed back to Grandma's. It wasn't 5 minutes in the truck until both of my babies were fast asleep and slept the entire ride back to Carthage. We just visited with Grandma and Moms the rest of the evening and after church and lunch on Sunday, headed back to Savannah. It's always good to come back home, but it never gets any easier when it's time to leave. Luckily, I won't have to wait too long before it's time to come back and visit again!

Weekend at Papa's

On September 30th, we headed out to Papa's house for the weekend. Dad had given me a gift certificate for a photo session with a photographer in Nashville and we had an appointment with him that day at the Ellington Agricultural Center. We arrived a few minutes early for our session and I called the photographer to find out exactly where we were supposed to meet him. Imagine my surprise when he told me he was on his way to another session and he had no idea what I was talking about. Of course me, being the emotional one that I am, totally lost it at that point. I was sooooo upset because we had driven all the way to Nashville for this AND Darren and I had both taken the day off of work AND we had pulled Isaac out of school for the day too. I hung up the phone with him and was absolutely devastated. Then, Darren, being the amazing husband that he is, asked if he could talk to the guy on the phone. I gave him the number and he called him back and must have worked some sort of magic, but managed to get our session rescheduled for the very next day at 10:00am.
The next morning, we were up and ready and got back to the ag center right on time for our appointment. The whole session went amazingly well and the photographer kept apologizing for his mistake. All in all, it worked out great and I hope to use him again for another session next year. (If you saw one of our Christmas cards, all of those photos were from this session.)
After the session was finished, we headed back to Papa's to play awhile before heading out on our next venture. Isaac and Layla played and played in the yard and had a blast.

Layla having fun swinging

Isaac swinging on Papa's tire swing

Papa even took them for a ride on the 4-wheeler

After going in and resting a bit, it was time to get ready and head to town for MTSU's homecoming game against Memphis. We were going a little early to tailgate some and then heading on to the game. Isaac had been to one game before, but this would be Layla's first.

Mommy and her little Raiders!

Blue Raider Family

Isaac and Layla did much better at the game that I had anticipated. Layla got a little antsy towards the end of the game and since MTSU wasn't doing too great anyway, we decided to head out and try and beat some of the traffic.

When we finally got back to Papa's, we were all zapped so we ended up crashing and going to bed fairly early.

The next morning, we played around and visited again before heading back to Savannah.
We had another great weekend with both Papa and Nana and can't wait to visit again soon!

Trip to Chattanooga

On Tuesday, September 20th, Darren and I headed out to Chattanooga for an HR conference I was attending. We left around lunch on Tuesday and didn't come back until after lunch on Friday. I hated being apart from the kids for a few days, but it was nice for Darren and I to have some time together too. On the way there, it rained on us almost the entire trip. When we got to Winchester, it finally slacked up and even quit raining for a bit. During that break, we saw the most beautiful rainbow. After watching it for a few minutes, we even noticed a second one. They were absolutely gorgeous and stretched from one side of the sky to the other. I wasn't able to get a great picture, but I did get one out the window of my truck as we were driving. It was just beautiful and pleasant reminder of the rainbow's true meaning.



This fall, Darren asked Isaac if he would be interested in playing soccer. Of course, he said yes so Darren got him enrolled. At the same time, Darren also volunteered to be an assistant coach so it was a learning experience for them both!
The season was every Tuesday and Thursday night for the months of September and October. Isaac's league was 4, 5, 6, and 7 year olds. A lot of the other kids had played before, but that didn't slow Isaac down one bit! He had a ball the whole time and I think he will want to play again next year. I'm not too familiar with the rules and regs of soccer, but with this age group, no one really keeps up with anything other than when the ball goes out of bounds. I have some learning to do, but if he keeps playing, hopefully I will catch on.

Here are some photos of our little player!