This fall, Darren asked Isaac if he would be interested in playing soccer. Of course, he said yes so Darren got him enrolled. At the same time, Darren also volunteered to be an assistant coach so it was a learning experience for them both!
The season was every Tuesday and Thursday night for the months of September and October. Isaac's league was 4, 5, 6, and 7 year olds. A lot of the other kids had played before, but that didn't slow Isaac down one bit! He had a ball the whole time and I think he will want to play again next year. I'm not too familiar with the rules and regs of soccer, but with this age group, no one really keeps up with anything other than when the ball goes out of bounds. I have some learning to do, but if he keeps playing, hopefully I will catch on.

Here are some photos of our little player!

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