Trip to Chattanooga

On Tuesday, September 20th, Darren and I headed out to Chattanooga for an HR conference I was attending. We left around lunch on Tuesday and didn't come back until after lunch on Friday. I hated being apart from the kids for a few days, but it was nice for Darren and I to have some time together too. On the way there, it rained on us almost the entire trip. When we got to Winchester, it finally slacked up and even quit raining for a bit. During that break, we saw the most beautiful rainbow. After watching it for a few minutes, we even noticed a second one. They were absolutely gorgeous and stretched from one side of the sky to the other. I wasn't able to get a great picture, but I did get one out the window of my truck as we were driving. It was just beautiful and pleasant reminder of the rainbow's true meaning.

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