Weekend at Papa's

On September 21, we headed to Papa's for another weekend visit. This was also the weekend we were scheduled for our annual family photo shoot, which was being done by a Murfreesboro photographer. The shoot wasn't until Sunday, so Papa had made plans for a fun-filled Saturday. We loaded up and headed out for Rock Island State Park for an all day visit. The park is beautiful and has lots of waterfalls. The kids had a ball playing by the water's edge.
 Who knew throwing rocks into the water could be so much fun??

I know it's a bit fuzzy, but this was one of my favorite pics of the day

The kids finally began to wear down so after stopping a great little cafe for some lunch, we headed back to Papa's for the evening. Of course the kids slept the whole way back so they were ready to go again once we got back.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. We didn't get to see Nana on this trip as she was in Mississippi with her mother, but we look forward to seeing her next time. 
We packed up the next morning so we would be ready to hit the road once our photo shoot was done. I'll save those photos for my next post.
Thanks again for another great weekend Papa and we look forward to doing it again soon. We love you!



All of these photos were taken on a couple of Sundays before church. We are blessed beyond words and I'm so thankful for the many blessings we have been given, especially these two sweet kiddos.
Can't imagine life without them!