August 25th

Today, our sweet baby girl turned 3.
Where does the time go?

 I can't understand how three years have already passed since you came into this world. The first few months were hard. Getting used to another baby along with trying to divide my time between you and your brother was not an easy task. Lots of times I think back on those days and feel like I completely failed you and your brother both. They were such hard days, but seeing the both of you now, I would do it all over a hundred times again without a second thought. You have brought so much fun and laughter into our family and I can't imagine our lives without you. You are a little firecracker who always has us on our toes. I know that there will be days to come when you and I will have our moments as all mothers and daughters do, but for now, I am choosing to enjoy and savor our moments together. You are a true Mommy's Girl right now and I won't lie.......I love it. I wish I could bottle up these times now because I know that one day, they will only be memories and I never, ever want to forget them. We love you dearly sweet Layla. 
Happy Birthday baby girl!

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