I'm Still Here!

I know, I know......once again, I've let my blogging take a back-seat to things. Sorry! I haven't been busy doing anything too major......just been enjoying life!! Things here have been going pretty good. Darren and I survived our trip to Branson and really enjoyed ourselves. Our little guy, on the other hand.........didn't even ask about MaMa and DaDa!!! Although I was relieved he did ok, it was a little ego crusher to learn that he DID indeed survive without us ok. Oh well, guess that's part of growing up. Also, Isaac has cut 2 of his 2 year molars within the past 2 weeks and has done just great with that. Last weekend, my Mom and Grandmother came for a visit and we had such a good time. They came Saturday morning and visited a little while, then we went to Nathan's birthday party and they went to town to shop a little bit. We got to visit the rest of that afternoon and evening and it was soooooooo nice! We got up Sunday morning to a snotty, crusty-nosed little boy, which was NO GOOD!! I got him an appointment yesterday afternoon and low and behold, he had a double ear infection. Poor little guy! We got some good meds though so hopefully he will get cleared up pretty soon.
For those of you that already have little ones, you know what I'm talking about, but Isaac has hit this stage where he says some of the funniest things! I try to write them down when I can, but I can't always remember them all. Here are some of his latest:

Isaac and Darren had been outside playing and when he came in, he was covered in dirt and had dirt all over his face. My grandmother said "Isaac, have you been eating dirt?" and Isaac said, in his most serious voice, "No, I don't eat dirt"

Isaac was outside in the shed with Darren and they had been doing something with wood. I asked Isaac what they were going to do with the wood and he said "We're going to build a house in a tree"

He was with me in the kitchen last night while I was cooking and he started singing "It really don't matter" and he would sing it over and over. I said, "Isaac, what are you singing?" He said "MaMa, I singing Big Green Tractor!" (What can I say? His MaMa likes Jason Aldean too!!)

And I saved the best for last....
Isaac has recently gotten into taking showers with his DaDa because he thinks its very cool. After showering with him one night, I was getting him ready for bed. I was trying to put his diaper on and if you have little boys, you know how fascinated they are with their parts! I said "Isaac, quit that so I can get your diaper on!" Isaac's response then was "Isaac's got a little peeper MaMa!" I said "I know". Then he said "DaDa's got a BIG peeper!!" I called Darren in there to hear what he said and Isaac repeated it for him. Darren's response was "That's my boy!"

I guess little boys never grow up....

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Oh my Goodness....I am totally LOL!!!!