Well, here we are again. Another month (at least) has passed and I am once again so VERY far behind in my posting. Things have just been, well, kind of WILD for the past few weeks and once you are finished reading this post, you will know what I mean. November started off pretty calm and normal, nothing out of the ordinary to speak of. Darren's brother Derek and his family came in for the first few weekends of October because the guys all wanted to go hunting.

Isaac even got to go out with Daddy one of the days!

The rest of the time, Isaac was pretty content playing with his cousins Jakob and Ethan. Here are some shots of them in the back yard at Mimi and PawPaw's house.

This one below is one of my new favorites!

Isaac also FINALLY got to experience a "first" that most kids have by the end of their 1st year. Isaac finally had his 1st haircut!! His Aunt Cathy was the lucky one that got to cut it and all in all, he did better than I thought. His hair really wasn't that long, but there were some parts that desperately needed shaping up. As you can see, we didn't get this done completely without just a few tears! (I think he just didn't like having to sit still!)

The rest of the time, he was an absolute angel!!

These next shots were of another day Isaac got to tag along to the hunting club. The only problem was, he missed his nap that day and could barely hold his little eyes open. Needless to say, he slept like a baby that night!!

Now, we are to the point in November when all the action took place. The week of Thanksgiving, we were all getting excited about our long weekend and the plans we had made. On Tuesday, November 24th, I was in an all-day staff meeting for a lot of annual training type things. One of our docs called me out and pulled me aside and told me Darren's mom had had a massive heart attack and I needed to go straight to the ER here in Savannah. Of course, I was shocked so I got out of there as soon as I could and called Darren. All he would tell me was to go to the daycare and get Isaac, then come to the hospital. I picked up Isaac and headed towards the hospital and called Darren back for him to come out and meet us. When he answered, he told me to come straight home and pack because they were air-lifting her to St. Thomas in Nashville. She had a blockage of 100% on one side and the other side was 90% blocked. So, off the house we go to pack up for an extended weekend. Darren was already packed when we got home so he left to drive his Dad on up to the hospital. Me and Isaac took our time packing to make sure we didn't leave any necessities, then took off for Nashville ourselves. We got to Nashville around 7:30 or so, but had a bit of a problem when we arrived. Turns out that due to the H1N1 junk, no one under the age of 15 was allowed in any patient areas of the hospital. Luckily, my Dad and Hope were there along with Derek, Jill, and Donny and between them all, they kept Isaac pretty busy. I didn't get to go up and see Janet that night, but Darren had said they took her into emergency surgery to do a stint on the 100% blocked side. Isaac and I stayed at my Dad's house and went back to the hospital the next day. Derek kept Isaac busy while Darren took me up to see Janet. I was not prepared at all for how she looked, but the doctors and all remained pretty positive that she would have a full recovery so I tried to stay positive. That night, Isaac and I went on to my Mom's house, where we had originally planned on going anyway. Later that evening, I got a call from Darren that really scared me. He said she had gone into v-fibb and they had had to shock her 3 times. I also learned that they had already shocked her 3 times between Savannah and Nashville. They were taking her back into emergency surgery and things weren't looking good at all. Something had gone wrong with the stint and they had to go back in and correct the problem. I left Isaac with my Mom and once again, took off to Nashville, but got a call while I was on the road. Darren called just after I had passed Lebanon and said that she had made it out of surgery and was stable and that I should turn around and go back to be with Isaac. After the surgery, they decided to leave her sedated and on the ventilator so that her body could rest and reouperate so there wasn't much for me to do there anyway. Since it was already kind of late, I took his advice and turned around. Thankfully, she made it through the night ok and things slowly improved from there.
I also had other exciting things going on for Thanksgiving. My aunt, uncle, and cousins, who live in North Carolina were coming to visit for Thanksgiving. I haven't seen them in SO long and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to spend time with them all. Even though it was short, it was definitely one of the highlights of the holiday for me. My cousin Haley will finish medical school next year and also recently got engaged. Her wedding is set for next May and I am so excited and happy for her. My other cousin Casey will graduate in December with his Masters and has already passed his CPA exam. He will begin working in January as an auditor. I am so proud of him too!
Anyway, we went back to the hospital on Saturday for a visit and Janet looked MUCH better. Her breathing tube was out and they were even beginning to get her up and about a little bit. Sunday, we went to church and then ate lunch at my grandmother's like we usually do. We had to cut things a bit short since Isaac and I were going to stop by the hospital on our way home. Again, I got to see Janet and she again looked better than before. Darren didn't want to leave her just yet so Isaac and I took off for Savannah by ourselves. It was a lonely couple of days, but Darren came home Tuesday night and Janet got released on Thursday. She was sent home with a d-fibb vest, which has electrodes attached to her to monitor her heart and has the ability to shock her if necessary. Luckily, that has not happened yet and hopefully won't. She goes back to St. Thomas on December 22nd for them to stint the other side and to do some maintenance on the side that's already been done. Hopefully, things will go smooth and she will have a complete recovery. Please pray for her and the family as we prepare for this event.
My other big news is this............Isaac is both peeing and pooping in the potty!!!! I couldn't be happier for my little guy. He peed in the potty a few times over the Thanksgiving weekend and then that following Monday at school, he did it several times along with pooping. He has slowly increased his frequency and now goes to the potty all day long at school! We aren't yet to the all-night fase, but most mornings, he wakes up dry. My problem is that he is NOT at all a morning person and is hard to wake to go potty. The only time he will wear a diaper now is at bedtime and the rest of the time he will tell you he needs pull-ups. Maybe it won't take long for us to graduate to underwear. Either way, I am so proud of my little man!! Mommy and Daddy love you Little Buddy!!

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