I've had these pics loaded on here for awhile and just never sat down to actually finish the post, but I figured I better get to it so here it goes. Things here have been good lately, just COLD!! Isaac had a little bout with a cold, but seems to be doing well now and hope he continues to stay that way.
Some time back, Papa Murf and Mama Hope got Isaac a pair of John Deere boots, which he absolutely LOVES, but are still a little big for him to really wear. This is him modeling them one night for me before bed. Cuteness!!

Then, Isaac comes home from school one day and his face was stained with paint! Turns out his usual teacher wasn't there that day and the sub thought she was using washable paint, when in fact, it wasn't. Luckily, Daddy was able to get it off just fine in the shower that night.

As you probably know, we got a little snow a couple of weeks ago when it was so very cold for so many days in a row. Our office actually closed for the day so I was able to stay home with Isaac. I wasn't going to take him out in it because he had been croupy and sick. I didn't want to make him worse, but he had never seen snow before so we bundled up from head to toe and headed out for a short bit and I'm so glad that we did! He had such a good time driving his gator around, but we were only able to stay out 15-20 minutes. He has been asking for more snow ever since so I'm hoping we might get a little more this year so he can have some more fun!

These next pics are just some shots of my little man being silly. He is such a hoot!!

This past Sunday night, Papa Murf came for a visit because he had to be in Memphis the next morning for a speaking engagement. He brought Isaac all kinds of goodies that he and Mama Hope had gotten for him when they were in Gatlinburg recently. He got a Carhartt t-shirt, some Carhartt overalls, some John Deere overalls, and some pj's. They were all so cute and Isaac loves them all! He also brought Isaac a hat just one of the ones he wears sometimes during football season. Needless to say, Isaac loved the hat too and wore it for a big chunk of the evening!

We are supposed to be getting more bad weather tonight. I don't mind the snow, but I'm hoping the icy mess misses us. We have some more news to be sharing, but we'll save that for the next post so stay tuned!

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