April started off with an exciting milestone for Miss Layla. On the 3rd, she crawled just a little and within a few days, she was going all over the place! She ended up having to go to the doctor on the 6th and had an ear infection, but we got it cleard up pretty quickly. She also weighed 19 pounds 11 ounces and was 27 1/2 inches long. We have been very blessed so far that she hasn't been nearly as sick or had as many ear infections as her big brother did as a baby.

They have both been enjoying the nice weather and we can't wait for it to keep getting warmer. They both LOVE being outside!

This was taken on the 9th. We were going out to eat with Mimi and PawPaw to celebrate their anniversary.

On the 15th, we headed up to my Dad's for the weekend to visit and also to celebrate our nephew Ethan's birthday.

Isaac definitely loves his Papa!

Isaac and Papa enjoying the tire swing Papa made.

And of course we had to squeeze in time for a tractor ride! Layla loved it too!

Layla wasn't quite sure what to make out of the grass and flowers.

Isaac also got to experience a first. My Dad's friend has lots of horses and was able to make time for us to come visit. Isaac got to ride a horse for the very first time. He was very hesitant at first, but luckily decided to give it a try and had a ball.

It was a fun weekend for everyone and we are always glad to visit Papa, Nana, Amanda, and Callie Grace. We hope to come back soon for another visit!
Also, on the 20th, Layla (finally!) started saying "Ma Ma Ma". She still says Da Da most of time, but at least I'm in her vocabulary now!

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Zan said...

Love Isaac's wink and the cowboy hat! Got to see sweet little Layla when she was in Carthage with your Mama. Precious! Hope to see you too soon. Love to you.