Well, once again I am slacking on this thing. Funny how time just gets away from you, huh? Anyway, things have been going pretty good this summer. Isaac is definitely loving the warm weather and playing outside. I think he would stay outside all the time if we would let him!! Anyway, I hope this entry will cover just about everything that's happened since my last post. I really didn't mean to go this long without updating this thing!! Sorry!
Anyway, on June 26, Lifespan had our summer employee picnic. It was held at the Shiloh Golf Course in Adamsville where they have eating areas and pools. Darren stayed home to work on the boat, but me and Isaac went and had a good time, as you will be able to tell from the pics below. It was SOOOOOOO hot that evening!

This was Isaac when we first got there. He didn't waste any time at all getting in the water and would have gotten in with all of his clothes on had I not stopped him!

After he'd been in a few minutes, he started splashing (of course!)

And then a little more splashing!!

As you can see, my child is not afraid of the water AT ALL, which can be both good and bad!

By the end of the night, this is what he was doing!! I bet the kid jumped in 50 times and NEVER got tired of it!

And this was the pitiful look I got when I told him it was time to go. He cried because he wanted to stay and swim some more!!

Thanks to Lifespan for having such a fun party for us all!

Due to all the craziness and the insane amount of people that go out on the lake here for the 4th of July, we decided to take the boat out on the 3rd since we were all off. Isaac LOVES going out on the boat to the "big water". We stayed out all afternoon, but left a little early because even though it was only the 3rd, there were still a ton of folks out. We ended up anchoring out in a cover where we usually go and just to give you an idea of how many folks there were, out in the middle of the cove were 10 (yes, I said 10) boats tied up together. That was just 1 cove and this was on the 3rd so you can imagine what it was like on the 4th!!

This was taken after we came in and showered and yes, Mommy got quite a bit of sun that day!!

This was after we finally got home that night. Isaac was actually cooperating with the camera more than he usually does. I was calling him "Hollywood" and he was saying "I not Hollywood Mama, I big boy!!"

This was a little later on that same evening. He was just being a card that night! (I just love that this is a real, true smile and not the fake kind!!)

This past weekend, Uncle Derek, Aunt Jill, Jakob, and Ethan came in to visit. Saturday morning, me, Isaac, Jakob, Jill, and PawPaw took the pontoon out. As you can tell, Isaac and Jakob had quite a large time!

We had to come in fairly early because that night, the Howard family (and I mean the WHOLE Howard family) was having their yearly get together. They weren't able to do it last year and this year, we did it at Boots's house. The weather wasn't too bad actually and there was lots of good food and fun!

Isaac had quite a big time playing in Boots's garden!!

And had an even better time when his DaDa let him sit on Boots's big John Deere tractor!!

I just love this serious expression on his face!!

On of the other cousins brought some homemade toy guns that were a HUGE hit with the little boys because as you know, this Howard family just can't seem to have any little girls!

And that pretty much brings us up to date with just about everything. We've had several birthday's this month. Dad's was the 10th, Hope's was the 11th, and Darren's was the 14th. Happy Birthday to you all! I have a few pics from Darren's birthday, but they are still on my camera as of now so maybe next time, I'll get them on here.
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Until next time........

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Thanks for the update... I was missing you people! I love the picture of "big boy" sitting on the tractor with the huge smile! Miss ya!