Doctor Visit

So, we had another dr.'s visit this past Thursday and for the most part things went really well. Unfortunately, there is still no change with the nausea and vomiting, which I voiced my concerns over. Although he is aware of just how awful and miserable it is, for now, he said I'm still within the normal timeframe for all this sickness and for now, he's not that concerned about it. He told me to keep drinking the water all during the day like I've been doing, but to also try and add in some gatorade too and we would see how things are at my next visit. I'm still hoping and praying for this to pass, but at the same time, I'm realistic in the fact that I know the odds are not in my favor. Oh well, not much I can really do about that huh? Anyway, the rest of the visit was a little stressful for me. He told me that the ultrasound tech had noted a spot on the ultrasound and just for safety's sake, he wanted to send me to a specialist for a more detailed ultrasound. He said many times, spots like these go away on their own and cause no harm at all for the Mom or baby. He stressed to me that he wasn't really concerned about this, but just wanted to double-check things and he didn't want me to worry about it either. Well, that's easy for him to say! I'm trying not to get worked up over this because there's just no sense in worrying over something we really don't know a lot about just yet. Anyway, I go to the specialist on the 26th of this month and then back to the doc for my monthly visit in April. Please keep us all in your prayers that my visit and ultrasound go well and that the only thing they see is a happy, healthy little one bouncing around in there.

P.S. Just this past week, I have felt the first movements from this little one which is both exciting and comforting.

P.S.S. I have to tell you a couple of funnies that our child has said lately. First, he asked his teacher why the little girls in his class pooped all the time. She told him that they didn't and why did he say that and his response was, "Yes they do Ms. Cassie because when they go potty, they wipe every time!!" He also asked Ms. Cassie if he had a baby sister, what would her last name be. She told him it would be Howard, like his was and his response was "Well, if it's a boy, they better not name him Isaac because that's MY name!!"

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