Update Overdue

Okay, I know that once again, I'm behind on things. I meant to post long before now, but if you all knew how sick and puny I've been, you would totally understand! So, let me catch you up on things. Due to the insistence of my wonderful Mom and Dad, I ended up ordering the Nausea Watch I talked about in my last post. They both basically told me that I couldn't afford not to at least give it a try because after all, according to the reviews, it's the latest greatest thing. So I get the watch and for the first day or two, I really think this thing might work. I still got sick, but I thought it was because I was just overeating. Then I thought that maybe it might take a few days of wearing it for it to really kick in. It felt pretty weird to wear. Every time it would send one of those pulses, it felt like my hand was asleep. Well, turns out my high hopes came crashing down. Guess I'm one of the rare weird ones that it doesn't help. I still wear it sometimes, I guess because I feel obligated after spending so much money on it.

So, after another week of feeling lousy and puny, I called the doctor back to complain and see if there was anything they could give me. Dr. Mic's nurse said she would call me in some phenergan, but I didn't get too excited. I took this with Isaac too and it didn't help a bit, but I thought I would at least give it a shot. Well, I was right......again! It didn't help at all. I still threw everything up and then I couldn't hold my eyes open. Phenergan totally knocks me out, which completely takes it out as an option because #1, it doesn't work and #2, what good is a pill that doesn't work and just makes me sleepy?

So, I give it a few more days of being just completely miserable and last week, I thought I just can't do this anymore so I called the doctor back to see if there were any other options. After weighing myself and discovering I had lost another 2 pounds (which brings me to a grand total of 12 so far) I called the doctor, desperate for help. That was an ordeal in itself, but I finally got one of his nurses to call me back and she said she would call me in some zofran. This too was something I tried with Isaac that seemed to work, but only for a short time. Zofran is a drug that is typically used with cancer patients to help with the nausea while they are going through chemotherapy. Anyway, she called it in for me on Friday so I was hopeful that I would have a decent weekend. Guess what??? Once again, I was let down. I do think that the zofran has helped with the nausea some, which is definitely an improvement, but I still threw up everything I ate. I am really starting to get concerned now because after looking back at my pregnancy notes from Isaac, I was not this sick with him. Yes, I threw up all the time with him, but I managed to maintain my weight for the most part. I would gain a couple of pounds, then lose a couple and it was back and forth like that for practically the entire pregnancy. I did not lose a big lump sum of weight all at once like I have with this one. I go back to the doctor this Thursday and I am asking that you all please keep me and this little one in your prayers. I pray that everything is well with this pregnancy and that like Isaac, this will be a healthy happy baby.

On a lighter note, we went on February 22nd for my first ultrasound. The sonographer said everything looked really good and we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time too. She told us that I was actually measuring about a week ahead, but wasn't sure if Dr. Mic would change my due date or not. Guess we'll find that out on Thursday. We also go back on April 19th for another ultrasound and we should be able to tell what Baby Howard is at that point in time. We did get some pics of our little one and I'm so excited to share. Meet Baby Howard!!!

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Holli said...

Goodness girl! So sorry you have been so sick! I can't wait to hear how the visit goes Thursday! Thinking of you..........