Hello again! I apologize for the delay in posting. I really don't have a good excuse other than.......I'm just pregnant and STILL not feeling too good. The good news is I haven't lost any more weight (yay!), but I'm still throwing up everything I eat with the exception of what I eat right before bed. Oh well.....I'm half-way there now so I only have 20 more weeks of this!
Also, I thought since my last few posts have been mostly about me and the baby, I really needed to do one about Isaac and include some pics as well. He is still doing great and continues to tell everyone we are still naming his baby sister Spiderman! As for names, she still doesn't have an official name, but we both have agreed that we really like the name Layla so that will probably be her first name, we just have to come up with a middle name to go with it.
As for Isaac, here is my little guitar man. Everytime Daddy gets his guitar out, Isaac has to run and get his too. It is the cutest thing! He even tries to play and sing along with whatever tune Daddy happens to be singing.
This one was taken after school on the day they had their Easter egg hunt. Isaac was so excited to tell me that the Easter Bunny woke him up from his nap that day. He had a blast finding eggs and even played for them for about a week or so after Easter was over.

Isaac got to go to another egg hunt that weekend at church, which he also thoroughly enjoyed. This is my brown eyed boy before the hunt.

This is what the Easter Bunny brought Isaac

He is really in to Curious George these days so he was thrilled to get a movie with a bunch of George episodes on it. He also REALLY enjoyed the chocolate stuff he got, which I am happy to say, we are finally finished with! Chocolate + an almost 3 year old makes for a very interesting and wild combination!

This was after church in his Easter outfit

Isaac and Daddy

Family Shot
(apparently I didn't notice my dress falling off my shoulder at the time!)

Mommy and her sweet boy

We went to Carthage this past weekend to spend time with Grandma and as always, had a wonderful visit. It was way too short, but I hope to get back again very soon.
I have to share one last thing with you which is the latest Isaac funny. We were at Grandma's and she was telling Isaac how big my belly has gotten. Isaac says "Yeah, because my baby sister is growing in there." Then, Daddy decides to take it upon himself to ask Isaac how his baby sister is going to get out of Mommy's belly. I panicked when he said this, but Isaac's response eliminated all my worries. With a straight face, he simply said "Well, I guess God is going to fly in there and just flip her out!" I told Isaac, "Yes baby, that is exactly right!"
That's all for now, but I hope to not be so long before posting again, I promise!!

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