Life with Two

On Thursday, September 9, the 2 kiddos had appointments in Jackson for their check-ups. Luckily, Darren's mom was able to go with me. Not quite sure I could have handled them both by myself just yet! Anyway, they were both good as gold and their check-ups went great. Isaac was 37 lbs. and 38" tall. He did fantastic until they had to check his hemoglobin right at the end. Of course he cried (I would have too-I hate having my finger poked!) and needed lots of loving from Mommy, which I happily obliged. Layla got a good report too. I am continuing to totally breastfeed, which is so much easier the second time around, and she is gaining weight very well. She now weighs 8 lbs. and is 19 3/4" long. Isaac doesn't have to go back until he turns 4 and Layla will go back at 2 months for another check-up and her first round of shots.
Life with 2 kids is much different than with just one, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Isaac is still going to school each day to keep him in his routine and allow me not only to heal and rest, but to spend time with Layla like I did when Isaac was a newborn. Of course, the first few weeks with any newborn has its ups and downs and right now, we are just trying to begin to get some sort of routine in place. She has her good nights and bad, but overall, she has been a really good baby so far. She can sleep through just about any kind of noise and with the exception of a couple of belly aches, doesn't really ever get upset. I hope she stays this way! All in all, I am so very blessed to have 2 healthy and happy kids and a loving husband. I pray each night that I have the wisdom and knowledge to be the best Mommy I can be and raise my children to be honest, respectable, and God-fearing individuals. I know life has its ups and downs, but right now, life is good!!

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Zan said...

Beautiful, beautiful babies. How blessed you are! Can't wait to see all of you soon.--Julianne