4 weeks

Yesterday, Miss Layla turned 4 weeks old. My, how fast time flies! This first month home with our little lady has been full of ups and downs, smiles and tears (hers and mine both!). For the most part, she is a very laid back baby and cries very little. We are trying to get her on a daily routine and so far, things have gone pretty good. She sleeps for 3-4 hours at a time at night and when she wakes to feed, she usually goes right back to sleep. For those good nights, I am extremely grateful. We've had a couple of rough nights where she wanted to be up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night and I will admit I have struggled with the irregular sleeping patterns. I know this is completely normal for a newborn and Darren just keeps telling me what a good job I'm doing. I also try to keep reminding myself that this phase won't last forever and things DO get better. I've had a little trouble myself with some postpartum hormonal issues (that only intensify with sleep deprivation), but they're getting better. I had the same trouble with Isaac so I kind of knew it was coming. I go back to the doctor next week though so maybe we can get a grip on things and start to get better. I took Layla to the Health Department yesterday when she turned 4 weeks old for a weight check and my little chunky monkey was 9 lbs. and 7 1/2 oz. She continues to nurse very well so we'll just keep trucking along as long as we can! Big brother Isaac is still doing great too and always wants to love on his baby sister. Part of my postpartum issues involve Isaac and the fact that I don't have the time to spend with him like I did before Layla arrived and I feel extremely guilty about that. I just keep telling myself that he is fine and I'm not the first mother in the world to have these feelings. Please keep me and my little family in your prayers that I can overcome these postpartum issues and focus on the many positive things that I have in my life, most importantly, my family.

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Jamie & Lauren said...

She is precious! Been thinking about you!!! Hope you are ALL doing good!