So long September....

Wow, how can it be that September is gone?? Time sure does fly! Anyway, things are continuing to go pretty good at the Howard house. I went for my post-partum check up this week. The visit went well and I got some "happy pills" to help with my post-partum issues. I knew I had lost weight since having Layla, but was pleasantly surprised to see that I am 13 pounds less than I was when I got pregnant. I gained about 10 pounds with the pregnancy and with me nursing, the pounds just kind of melted away. Pretty good incentive to continue, huh? I also took Layla by Dr. Amy's office for a weight check and was very pleased to see that she is now 10 pounds and 2 ounces. She's just growing like a little weed! She is now completely out of all her newborn size clothes and is in either 0-3 months or just 3 months. She'shad her first smiles and she has also cooed at the ceiling fans a few times, which is just so sweet to hear! Her little personality is definitely starting to come out, which is so fun to see. She is now 5 weeks, which means my maternity leave is now officially halfway over. I'm still trying to get her in a routine and we're doing pretty good. She only gets up once or twice at night, but it's still being 10:30 or 11:00 before I can get her down for the night. Hopefully, by the time I go back to work we will be settled in better. Part of me is dreading going back to work, but the other part is soooooo looking forward to being around grown ups all day again! I know I should enjoy my time at home and I'm trying my best. It gets kind of lonely sometimes, but I'm trying to make do. Anyway, please continue to keep us all in your prayers. We'll update again soon!!

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Zan said...

LOVE the last picture! Talk about personality!

Thanks for your precious e-mail. I can't wait to see all of you.