**Please forgive my lack of posting. I am so very far behind but am going to try my very best to get caught up as soon as I can so just bear with me!

The month of November completely flew by before I even had time to realize it! As the beginning month of the holiday season, there was always something going on, which made it even harder than usual to keep up with.

For Thanksgiving, me and the kiddos went to Carthage for the long weekend like we've always done. Darren usually stays behind on this trip because of his love and anticipation of deer season. It was a bit different this year as for the first time in my entire life, my Mom had to work the day after Thanksgiving as well as Saturday morning. It was no big deal though and still left us more than enough time to visit. Of course, when it was time to come back to Savannah, it was a bit hard on me like it always is. There's just something about being "home" that always makes it hard to leave and I guess it always will.

Other than that, we just spent days having as much fun with the kiddos as we possibly could!

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