Catch up.......again

First, I want to say Happy Anniversary to us!! We celebrated year #4 on September 25. We've changed a lot and our lives have definitely changed since that day and I wouldn't trade these years for the world. I love my husband, our child, and our lives together and look forward to many more to come....

Well, we're still here. Seems like the month of September has been a rough one at the Howard house. Between the hand, foot, and mouth mess with Isaac and then the croup, things are just now finally trying to get back to normal. Isaac and I are spending the weekend in Carthage with my Mom and visiting with my grandmother. It's definitely nice to come home!! Here are just a couple of fairly new photos. This one is Isaac wearing BOTH of his new hats. He's all of sudden really gotten into hats and loves to wear them now.

Some of you may have already seen this photo, but one morning after a pretty rough night, I went in to get Isaac up for the day and all I saw were his 2 little feet sticking out of the crib. I thought it was just precious!!

Anyway, maybe things are starting to get back to normal around our house now, although I do see at least 2 teeth that are about to pop through. Hopefully, that won't be too terribly bad though!!

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Holli said...

Happy Anniversary! Has it really been four years??? I will never forget your wedding it was SOOOOO beautiful!!!

Little Isaac is just too funny, he is just at the perfect age for FUN!