Labor Day Weekend....

Ok, so I have some backtracking to do once again before I am totally caught up (at least for now). Anyway, last week, Isaac's little booty all of a sudden broke out and I don't just mean a little red. He was totally COOKED and I felt so bad for him. The first night, I thought I would fix him one of those Aveeno baths and just let him soak for awhile thinking that would make him feel better. WRONG!!! I fixed the bath and put him in and he started to squat and sit, but the second his bottom touched the water, he screamed bloody murder so no luck there. After trying desitin, butt paste, balmex, and caldescene powder with no improvement, I decided to call the doctor. They called me in a couple of different things to use and thankfully, within a couple of days, he was back to normal. After doing a lot of research, I really think it's just teeth. The next ones to come in are the stomach teeth. I've looked in his mouth and can't see anything yet, but he is chewing on everything like crazy so hopefully those little stinkers will come in soon and we will get some relief! When his bottom was so bad, we decided to let him run around in nothing but a bath robe one night and these are some of those photos. I know the robe is small (it's a size 0-9 months) but it was better than nothing at all!!!

These shots were taken the other night while we were playing on the deck. Darren was mowing the yard and Isaac was just dying to try and get to him. As you can see, we have quite the little climber on our hands!!

These next ones were taken last night before we headed home from MiMi and PawPaw's house. It was way past Isaac's bedtime, but for some reason, he was totally wound up and wild as ever!! He would just run and scream and yell, and I think he was just trying to see how loud he could get. Needless to say, it was pretty good entertainment!!

Anyway, I guess that's about all for now. I start my new job tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it, but nervous at the same time. Say a little prayer for me as I start this new chapter and I will definitely let you all know how my first day goes!!

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Holli said...

I love the bath robe, he looks like a little Hue Hefner!!! Glad his little rear is better...OUCH!
He does look like some great entertainment!