Finally Friday!

You will have to forgive me. I'm a little behind on these updates, so I'll try and catch up! Last weekend, we took a short trip to go and visit Papa Murf and Mama Hope. Papa Murf bought Darren's 4 wheeler (he bought a new rhino instead). As you can see, Isaac loves the 4 wheeler, but he loves the rhino too. He even calles it "MiMo" when he wants to ride!!

Mama Hope found Isaac a guitar so he can learn to play like his Daddy. He loved it! He tries to play, but then gets frustrated because he does it too hard and I think it hurts his fingers!!

This was Isaac trying to share his ice cube with Papa Murf....

Isaac decided he needed a snack before we hit the road back to Savannah, so Papa fed him a snack pack of vanilla pudding. I thought this picture was just precious!!

I'll try not to be so long before my next post. We'll have a busy weekend with it being a holiday and me getting ready to start my new job next week. Hopefully will have new pictures and updates soon. TaTa for now!

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Holli said...

What a sweet baby boy...I love his overalls!