Advice please!!!

OK Moms, I need your help! My child has not slept good for the past 2 nights now. Tuesday night, I went in his room 3 times to try and settle him down and get him back to sleep. No luck! So, call me a sucker, but I ended up putting him in the bed with us to try and get at least a little more sleep. Even after putting him in there with us, he tossed and turned for about 30-45 minutes before settling down and going back to sleep. SO, last night. He wakes up about 1:15 and I go in there, put his paci back in and lay him down and he goes right back to sleep. Yay! I thought, that's over with for the night and we should be good to go until morning, right? WRONG!! He wakes up again around 2:30. I try to settle him down with the paci and all. No luck. I give him gas drops and tylenol to try and fix whatever was wrong and go back to our room while he's just crying away. I let him cry for about 15 minutes, thinking he would eventually settle back down. WRONG again! I go in there to check on him and there's not a tear in his eyes. I tell him, firmly, it's bedtime, night-night, go back to sleep. Before I even make it to his door, he's already standing up and crying. I look at him again and firmly say, "Isaac, this is silly. Go back to sleep, it's bed-time, night-night. Mommy loves you" and pull the door shut, but not latched. Half-way back to our room, I hear this loud THUD and thought to myself, what in the world has he done now? I go back to his room, and there he is, standing at the door just crying his eyes out. I checked him over from head to toe and couldn't find a scratch or anything at all. So me, being the sucker that I am, once again put him in the bed with us and he went right to sleep and slept the rest of the night. So, I guess I have a little escape artist on my hands now! His crib converts into a toddler bed, but I just think he's way to little for that just yet, but on the other hand, it's much closer to the floor should he try and get out again. I need help!! Any advice???

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Holli said...

Oh my goodness Amy.......as bad as you are going to hate to hear this that little stinker is going to continue to jump out of his crib...he just wants his Mommy! I understand it is so much easier to just put him in the bed with you! Sorry I don't have any advice, is the matress lowered as low as it will go? I know that is not really the problem but I wouldn't want him jumping out of his crib every night. You have to keep us posted on this little situation.