Good Times

OK. So, we went to the wedding this past weekend as planned. I was afraid it was going to be really chilly, but it turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon and evening. Derek and Jill and the boys came in too so Isaac was definitely glad to have a play-mate for the weekend. Before we get to the pictures, I have to tell a funny about our little boy during the wedding. He was actually pretty good for the biggest part of the ceremony. Towards the end, he started playing with the chair in front of us. There was no one sitting there, so I didn't see the harm. The preacher just spoke the words "You may now kiss the bride" when my child must have got his finger caught or something because he said, out loud "Owwwwww". The entire pew we were sitting on just about fell out of their seats, which of course, got Isaac tickled too. All in all, I guess that's pretty good for an almost 2 year old at a wedding. Anyway, this lovely family shot was taken between there ceremony and reception.

On to the reception......This was the first wedding Isaac had ever been to where he was big enough to know what was going on. Once it got dark and the lights were on and the music going, Isaac had a ball!! He and Jakob practically the first ones on the dance floor and just had the biggest time. As you can see, Isaac also found PaPa Boots to dance with too. Of course, we never even thought about taking the video camera. That would definitely have been an awesome moment to have on tape!

Anyway, after we got home from the wedding, Isaac was revved up again because he slept all the way home. He and I were in his play room watching The Wiggles (of course) and he opened the closet door to find his guitar that PaPa Murf and MaMa Hope got him. He drug it out and kept saying " DaDa guitar" and I kept telling him no, that's YOUR guitar Isaac. He then grabbed my hand and made me follow him into our bedroom, where Darren keeps his guitar. He wanted Darren to get his guitar like Isaac's and play so that's what they did. I just love this picture!! Aren't my boys just the cutest???

On Sunday after church, we had to post-pone Isaac's nap because it was just so pretty outside and Jakob was going to be going home soon. Isaac had the best time playing outside and I think this picture pretty much sums it all up! (If you can't tell, Isaac really gets into pictures these days and when you tell him to say cheese, he really yells "Cheese"!!!) This is my new favorite picture of him and I hope you like it just as much!!!


Michelle said...

That picture with the guitars is just priceless! Absolutely adorable! It's a toss up between it and the last one though. That is just adorable! You should have someone photoshop that and make it black and white with his hat in color. That would be amazing!

Holli said...

Yeap I am a HUGE fan of the guitar picture! He is so stinkin cute!
Miss ya!