Boys will be Boys

Once again, things have been kind of hectic around our house. Guess it's something I better get used to, huh? Anyway, Isaac's Papa Boots (Darren's grandad) comes by the house just about every evening to help Darren out in the yard or whatever and of course........to see the "Little Boy", which is what he calls Isaac. Isaac just LOVES Boots and they always have a big time together. This was a shot I took one night right after they had come in. (Notice the mowhawk Darren gave Isaac) Cute!!

This past Friday night, Isaac went to a birthday party for Will, one of his daycare buddies. All the other kiddos were there too and they all had the biggest time! Will had all of his riding toys out for them all to play with so needless to say, by the time the party was over, Isaac was pooped out! He had a ball though and it was good to get to visit with the other Mommies too. Thank you Mrs. Dana and Will for such a good time!!

This was after church on Sunday and I just wanted to add it in because I thought it was such a cute picture!! (if you can't tell, Isaac is yelling out "cheeeeeeeese")

And this one was after lunch when he was in MiMi and PawPaw's back yard playing. Another favorite of mine!!

And now to the incident report. Saturday, I was in our bedroom getting some clothes together to wash. I had sent Isaac in the kitchen to pick out some noodles (his absolute FAVORITE) for lunch. All of a sudden, I hear a loud thud and Isaac starts bawling. I run in the kitchen (which is the very next room) and by the time I got in there, it was already purple. Isaac had dropped a can of chef boyardee beefaroni on his toe. Luckily, it was one of the small cans, but it got his toe good. He was just freaking out and squirming and of course, I was bawling too because I couldn't stop the hurt. I finally got him calmed down after about 20-25 minutes. The rest of that day, he really wouldn't put any weight on it at all and was asking to be held and carried. Talk about making a Mommy feel bad!! Anyway, by the time Sunday rolled around, he was still limping some and complaining of it hurting, but funny, when it was time to play outside, he seemed to forget all about that toe!! I know it hurt like crazy and nothing hurts a Mommy more than seeing her little one hurt and not being able to fix it. Luckily, he seems to have mostly forgotten about it now, unless he hits it on something or just happens to notice it. Here is a pic of his pitiful toe...

So, since Isaac is older now and much more steady than he was this time last year, he spends most evenings outside with his DaDa. They have the best time and I'm so glad Darren and he get some quality time together. The only thing is, when he comes in, he is absolutely FILTHY!!! This was what he looked like the other night when he came in and no, that's not chocolate or any other food on his face.........it's pure dirt!!!

And this is is his perfectly cute, nice and clean, innocent looking little face afterwards!!

That's about it for now. We're headed to Lebanon Friday evening to (hopefully) make it in time for Patrick's pinning ceremony. Then, Saturday morning at 10:00 is his graduation. We're so excited for him! He's already accepted a position at Vanderbilt in the ER so he's looking forward to that. After graduation and some visiting, we will head back to Savannah since Sunday is Decoration Day at our church. Should have lots of photos to post though so stay tuned!!

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Holli said...

Poor babies toe,that hurts just looking at it! I LOVE the dirty face of a little boy!