As I sit here today typing this, I am overcome with a range of emotions. Today is my last day of maternity leave with Layla and I will return to work on Monday. These past 10 weeks at home have truly been a rollercoaster of a journey with many ups and downs. Part of me is looking forward to going back to work and getting to be around grown ups during the day as well as getting back into some sort of routine. The other part of me feels guilty because I know I will never again have this amount of time with my baby girl. I had these same feelings when I went back to work with Isaac and I know it's completely normal, but it's still hard. I know you can't be with your kids every hour of every day and that time doesn't stop simply because I have to go back to work. It doesn't make it any easier though to know she will be spending so much of her active awake time with people other than her Mommy. Please keep us all in your prayers that things go smoothly as we begin this next chapter in our lives.

Mommy's sweet baby girl

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