Shepherd Reunion

On Sunday, August 5th, the annual Shepherd reunion was held at the Carver barn in Defeated. When I was a little girl, we had these reunions at the park and I can remember it was always so terribly hot. The crowd has slowly dwindled through the years, some due to loved ones passing on, some due to other committments, and some due to sheer lack of interest. It makes my heart sad to think this reunion may soon be a thing of the past. I know that's not how my grandaddy would want it, but we live in a much faster-paced world today and folks don't want to make time for gatherings like this. I pray that our little family creates some of our own gatherings and traditions and that our little ones will faithfully pass them down through the years.

Me and my sweet Mama

Me and my "little" brother, who is not so little anymore! Also, just to brag on him a bit, he recently got on with Vanderbilt's Lifeflight program and is super excited. He is an excellent RN and I know he will excel in his new role. Way to go Patrick!

A rare shot of me and both the kiddos

Mom and Kenneth

Mischievous little ones!

I have to add a couple more of Layla's recent funnies. First, I was making a cake the other night for Darren and I offered to let Layla lick the batter off of one of the beaters. She looks at me and says "What's at Mama?" I told her it was chocolate cake and she replied "I looooove chocolate cake!"
The next one took place in the truck. We were riding to town one morning and she told me she wanted to hold my hand. I reached my hand back there to hers and she noticed where I had snagged a hang nail on one of my fingers. She said "What happened Mama?" and I told her I just had a little boo-boo. Her response?? "Awwwww......Bess You Heart!"
This kid makes my heart melt and definitely keeps me on my toes! Love you Layla Bug!

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