Weekend at Papa's

As you can tell from the title, this post is about a weekend at Papa and Nana's.
BEWARE!! As with every weekend spent at Papa's, there are a LOT of pictures so sit tight!

On Friday, April 13th, we loaded up and headed to Papa's house for a weekend visit. As usual, we got there a bit late, but nevertheless, the kids were wide open when we got there!
Isaac and Layla piled up in Papa's big chair to look at a book together.

After visiting and playing awhile, we finally got everyone to bed. We had a big day the next day and so we all needed to get some rest.
The next day, we were going to Ethan's birthday party in Murfreesboro, but before we headed out to the party, we had som fun times outside. Isaac and Daddy rode Papa's 4-wheeler all over the property and Isaac had a ball.

Then of course, they both had to swing. Layla is still a bit small for the infamous tire swing, but she had her own little swing that she had a good time on.

Isaac's favorite, the tire swing

After playing a bit, we headed into town for the party. This would be Layla's first real experience with a pool so we weren't quite sure how she would like it.
I just love her tutu bathing suit!

The cousins

As it turned out, Layla had a ball and definitely loved the water! Darren spent a lot of time wading in the shallow end with her while she played and splashed. The boys even talked her into going down the slide where they waited to catch her at the bottom.
It looks like she is crying, but I can assure you this look is simply squealing with delight!

After the party, I just knew they would both be exhausted, but after a quick nap on the ride back to Papa's, they were raring to go again!

They played outside the rest of the afternoon. Once we got in, we lost Isaac after awhile. Papa was looking out their kitchen window and discovered him......
He had the most pitiful look on his face! He had climbed up into that swing all by himself, only to discover that once he got up there, he couldn't swing himself. Of course after seeing this look, we all went back out to swing him. He was just too pitiful to say no to!

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