Isaac's Birthday 2010

On June 3rd, my sweet baby boy turned 3. It blows my mind how fast these 3 years have gone and it breaks my heart to see how time truly flies with little ones. I love watching him grow and learn, I just wish things could slow down. I feel so very blessed to have such a good, happy, and healthy child and I try to take the time to enjoy the small things and savor each and every moment spend with him because I know that one day, they will just be memories. Isaac's birthday this year fell on a Thursday and even though his party wasn't until Saturday, the 5th, we still celebrated at home. Darren's Mom, Dad, and Grandad came over and we all ate dinner and had birthday cupcakes for dessert. Afterwards, we let Isaac tear into some gifts. As you can tell by the photos below, Isaac is all boy and absolutely loves anything to do with construction machines and tractors, especially John Deeres! Thank you Mimi, PawPaw, and Boots for coming and sharing this special time with us!!

On Saturday, June 5th, we had Isaac's birthday party at the Pickwick Landing State Park playground. For those of you that attended, this is the same park where Darren and I got married back in 2004. Here is a photo of Isaac's birthday cake. It was sooooo yummy!!

These are some pics of the playground at the park. The playground is to the side of the inn and the spot we were married is on the back-side of the inn facing the water.

This is a group shot we got of almost all the little ones that were there. From left to right are Lillie, Maddox (Isaac's best bud in his class at school), Emma, Ellie (Isaac's "girlfriend"), Isaac, and Jakob. Jakob's little brother Ethan was also there, but didn't want to get in the photo.

Here are just some more shots from the party

Later that evening when we got home, Isaac had to try on his Spiderman outfit that Jakob and Ethan got him. He loves it and I'm pretty sure our Halloween costume for this year is already taken care of!!

Grandma (my Mom) also brought Isaac some boxer brief underwear so he could be like Daddy and he loves them. They are sooo cute on him, but they make him look so grown up!

Thanks to everyone that came to Isaac's party and helped make it a success. Also, thanks to Grandma and Moms for coming and staying the night with us. We missed Uncle Patrick, but hope he and you all can come back and visit again very soon. We love you all!

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