Baby Layla Update

Well, I still have one more post to do to get everyone up to date on things, but I had to share this one first. Working for a medical clinic definitely has its bonuses so yesterday, I went over to our OB clinic and got a peek at our baby girl. Right now, I am about 29 1/2 weeks along so we are almost on the home stretch. You have no idea how ready I am for this baby girl to get here!! Anyway, Tabatha said everything looked good and she is definitely still a girl! According to the measurements she was getting, Baby Layla is about 10 days ahead of my due date so she may come a little early, or she just may be big. I hope it's the first, especially seeing how hot it's been already and it's not even July yet! Anyway, she also said that she is already in the head-down position, so her feet and her little booty are the reasons I am so out of breath these days! I've been bad and haven't even taken the first belly pic with this pregnancy, but I will try and get Darren to do that soon and will share them here. I'm finally within a couple of pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, but still throwing up just about everything I eat during the day. Thank goodness this won't last forever! I go back to the doctor next Tuesday so i will give more of an update after that. In the meantime, here are a couple of pics of our baby girl!! The one on the left is her profile, which was a little tough to get because she had her hands up by her face and didn't want to move them at all. The one on the right is a little harder to make out, but she is looking right back at you. We can't wait to meet you sweet girl!!


Holli said...

Awww, it won't be much longer....I thought we were going to get to come your way this summer with Kaylee's travel ball but I think we are going in the opposite direction now!! :( ---Miss you!!!

Zan said...

Thanks so much for posting these updates! I think about you so much and know you are counting down the days until Baby Layla gets here. Hang in there. You are almost to the end...what a prize you'll get in the end! What a precious birthday boy Isaac was. The park looks like a wonderful place for a party.
Love to your sweet family--Julianne