Out on the Lake

On Saturday, June 12, me and Isaac went out on Pickwick Lake with Mimi and PawPaw on their pontoon. Isaac had been begging to go swimming and it was SOOOOOO hot that day we figured the water would be a good place to be so off we went.

Isaac even got to help PawPaw drive some!!

We went out to a popular cove (Dry Creek) and anchored down. We didn't waste any time getting in the water as it was entirely too hot just to sit around on the boat. I was a little worried how Isaac would do in the water, but he was not scared a bit. In fact, I was in the water in front of the boat he was jumping off into my arms. He's definitely going to be a water-lovin' boy!!

This is a view from our boat of all the other boats camped out in the cove

On the way back to the loading dock, Isaac crashed out. He had so much fun in the water, but it completely exhausted him!!

I know, I know.......the paci is something we are hoping to eliminate very soon, but he is SOOOO very attached to it! At school, he only takes it at naptime and we don't let him take it out anywhere in public, but he really likes it at home, especially at bedtime. I would gladly welcome any suggestions on how to easily break this habit!!

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