Merry Christmas!

Some kids I know must have been really good this year because this is what we awoke to on Christmas morning........
We are definitely blessed beyond what we deserve, but I'm very thankful for all that we have.

Santa brought the girls matching ladybug hats.....
....and the boys matching beard hats.

We hung around our house with our new toys and treasures and then had some brunch before heading to Darren's folks house for the afternoon.

Darren's brother Derek and his family arrived later that day and we had dinner and presents there too.
Overall, it was again, a wonderful Christmas with lots of love and memories.
I'm grateful for the true reason for the season too and am thankful that my children know the true meaning of this precious holiday and that it's not just about Santa and the presents. I'm thankful that He blessed me with these two precious children and my prayer is that I will always teach them in a way that pleases Him so that they too will forever be children of God.
My prayer is that they always keep those truths close and always keep the Lord first in their hearts.
I know He will take care of them.

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