Thanksmas 2013

Thanksmas weekend for us came a bit later this year than usual. With Thanksgiving being so late in the month of November and then the state playoffs in early December, the only available weekend we had was the weekend before Christmas. We didn't mind though and it all ended up working out perfectly so I really can't complain.

I will say though that this post will be full of pictures so get ready!

Me and the kids packed up and headed to Papa's house on Friday, December 20th. Darren had to work the next day on the 21st so he was just going to come up once he got off work. The kids did great on the ride up there and of course, once we arrive, they were wound up after being stuck in the car for a couple of hours.

After waking up the next morning, the kids just couldn't stand it and were able to talk Papa into letting them each open a gift. I can't remember exactly what these things are called, but they are foam like pieces that you can put together and build lots of different things with. Isaac decided to do a crown so he could be king and of course, Layla followed suit and had to have one so she could be a princess.
King Isaac

Princess Layla

Layla even let me wear her crown, but just briefly!

While we were waiting for Daddy to arrive, I decided to try and get some Christmas pictures of the kids. Isaac has finally reached an age where it's no trouble at all to get him to cooperate and do well for pictures. Layla on the other hand is the complete opposite, as you can tell by the ones I attempted to get below.

Isaac holding Papa hostage
We were super excited when we learned that my brother Patrick was going to join us this year for Thanksmas. Being in nursing, his schedule doesn't always allow for things like this so we were very thankful for his presence this year. The kids enjoyed their time with Uncle Patrick too. 

Finally, it was almost time for presents, but we had to get in a few family pictures first.

Once the pictures were out of the way, the craziness began! Christmas with the little ones is one of the best things ever and Isaac and Layla are both at a stage now where it is just so much fun! I'm so thankful for these sweet babies and the joy they have brought. Can't imagine life without either of them!

Isaac is really into Legos so he was thrilled when he got a new set. He immediately sat down and began working on his new project and didn't stop until he was finished. I am so amazed by his determination and hope this is a characteristic that he doesn't lose as he ages.

The finished product.
Finally, it was time to start settling down for the night and preparing for bed.

snuggle time with the princess......one of my favorite pics

The next day, there was time to get outside and enjoy the weather before having to load things up. Papa caught lots of good shots of Isaac and Callie Grace outside. Layla preferred to stay indoors and play with her new toys.

my monkey boy

Callie Grace

Finally, it was time to pack up and go. Darren's folks had brought him to Murfreesboro where I met them so he headed back to Savannah in my car because he had to work on Monday, the 23rd.
Papa then loaded me and the kids up and met my Mom in Murfreesboro for us to ride back to Carthage with her. Darren was then going to come to Carthage on Christmas Eve so that we could all ride back home to Savannah in the same vehicle. Confusing yes, but it worked.

Anyway, Thanksmas weekend was a success once again. I'm always grateful to get to spend time with family at the holidays and I'm glad we have come up with a plan that seems to work for us all. Here's to many more Thanksmas' to come!

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