I can't believe I forgot to add this in earlier, but am glad I remembered it before I ordered my blog book for the year.

On December 9th, Isaac lost his first tooth!
He was quite proud of himself and was actually the one to do it. He said he just pushed it out with his tongue, which tells me it had been loose for quite some time, but that's ok. Losing teeth was not one my favorite things to experience as a kid, but I know it's just part of the process.

Isaac was excited to put it in his little tooth box and place it under his pillow that night. The tooth fairy did indeed come to visit and since it was his first tooth, she left him a whopping $5!
He's already looking forward to losing more teeth, but like all things with kids, it's bittersweet for this Mama. I don't want to think about my sweet baby losing all those pretty little baby teeth!

A funny note on the side though is that the next morning as I'm walking Layla into school, she turns to me and says "Mama, I think one of my tooths is loose too so maybe we need to pull it".

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