1st Day of School

On August 16th, Isaac had his very first day of school. He got into the pre-K class at Parris South Elementary and Ms. Marian Perkins is his teacher.

Our big boy is ready for his very first day!

We had to come up with a new morning routine now that the kids were going to two different places. Darren decided he would take Isaac to school and I would continue taking Layla to daycare. I was worried how Isaac would do and he did cry for the first few days, but once he got into his new routine, he was perfectly fine and now loves going to school. It makes his Mama sad to think he's old enough for school already, but it does my heart good to see him and grow and learn.
Isaac also had his very first trip to the dentist this month too. He got his teeth checked and cleaned and Dr. Givens gave him a clean bill of health. Way to go Isaac!
On the other hand, Miss Layla wasn't feeling to well the week before her birthday and since I definitely didn't want a sick girl on her birthday, I got her in to see Dr. Hall at my office. She was 24 pounds and 29 inches long. I'm so glad I decided to take her in because she had a red ear so we went ahead and put her on a round of antibiotics to get her all cleared up before her party next weekend.

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