Trip to Carthage

On August 10th, we loaded up the kids and headed to Franklin. I had a payroll conference on Thursday and Friday to attend and Darren was coming along with me. Grandma and Moms met us at the hotel and took the kids back to Carthage with them for a couple of days until the conference was over.
The conference ended on Friday and Darren and I headed to Carthage for the weekend once I was done. Grandma was cooking a celebratory dinner for Moms's 84th birthday.

Happy Birthday Moms!

We even got see Uncle Patrick!

Saturday, we headed out to Lebanon to do a little shopping at the outlets. Once we got back to Grandma's, we just hung around and visited the rest of the evening. On Sunday, we got up and went to church at Defeated Creek and then came back to Moms's for lunch.

After lunch, we hurried and packed up so we could hit the road back to Savannah. We always love to come visit Grandma and Moms in Carthage but it's always so hard when it's time to leave. Even though our home now is Savannah, Carthage will always be home to my heart.

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