May 2011

On May 12th, we (and Mimi and PawPaw too!) packed up and headed to Memphis after work to spend the night. We decided to spend a day at the zoo before the summer heat kicked in high gear. We had an amazing day! The temperature was just right, the zoo wasn't crowded at all, and Isaac and Layla loved it!

This is how Layla spent most of the day......kicked back and smiling!!

Isaac wearing his new hat from the zoo

Miss Layla

Also in May, CCDC had their year end program. Isaac didn't want to cooperate too much with photos, but at least I got a couple!

Miss Layla had a 1st this month. I don't think you can see it in any of these photos, but her very 1st tooth broke through on May 22nd. No more gummy grins for our sweet girl!


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