Happy Birthday Layla!

Our sweet baby girl had her first birthday this month. One year ago on August 25th, Layla Claire Howard arrived into this world. Her arrival was a bittersweet moment. We were so glad that this baby girl was finally here and healthy, but her arrival also marked the end of a chapter in our lives. With a healthy boy and now a healthy girl, our little family was complete.
Now, here we are, one year later. It's amazing how when I was pregnant with Layla, I thought I had it all figured out. I had done this before with Isaac and he turned out ok so we would be pros with this second baby. Well, I can say for sure that some of the knowledge that comes with experience has helped, but when you add two little ones to the picture, things get crazy no matter what, but I can't complain. Even on days when I think I am literally losing my mind and I can't take one more minute, my little ones do something to just melt my heart and all my cares just fade away. Life is grand with my babies and I wouldn't trade one second with them for the world.

These are just a few shots I took on her actual birthday. As you can tell, she wansn't the most cooperative child for her Mommy that day.

On Saturday, August 27th, we had Layla's birthday party. It was a small gathering with just close family at our house, but it was just perfect for the occasion.

Here are Miss Layla's cakes

Birthday Girl

Layla was a little unsure of things when we brought out her cake and lit the candle. While we were all singing Happy Birthday to her, she looked at us like we had all lost our minds. She didn't jump right in when it was time for cake either. She took her time and finally gave it a try, but then only barely stuck her finger in before licking off the sweet icing.

Daddy stuck her hand right in the cake, but then she still went back to one little finger at a time.

Layla and her 2 great-grandparents, Boots and Moms

Our little family

Daddy and his girl
Happy Birthday to our sweet Layla!
We are so glad you came into this world and made our little family complete. We can't imagine our lives without you and your sweet brother. We love you both more than you can ever know and are so blessed to have you light up our lives each and every day.

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