June '11

June was the start of a busy summer for us all. With Layla pulling up on things, she is constantly into things and it's usually something her brother doesn't want her to get into! Early this month, she started something new that her Mommy did not like at all. At bedtime, she did not want me to rock her. When she was done with her bottle, she was ready to be put in her crib. Well, I was not happy about this and cried many tears wondering what I had done to make my baby not want me to rock her. Thankfully, it was just a phase and we are happily back to rocking at night. This Mommy was not ready to give up that part of her yet, especially knowing she is my last one!

I've told several people many times about what a temper Layla has and some say it's just the drama queen girl in her, but others don't believe that such a sweet little girl could ever have a temper. Darren says she gets it from me, I'm not so sure sometimes. Either way, these are some shots that show my little girl very unhappy with her Mama because I wouldn't let her play with a ceramic coaster. (I know, I'm such a mean ole Mommy!)

Layla playing with boys at Mimi's house

If you look closely in this picture, I think you can see her 2nd tooth, which came through on June 7th.

Layla also had her 9 month photo shoot this month which went really well and the photos were great. Also, remember the bike that Isaac got for his birthday?? Well, he decided the next weekend that he was ready for the training wheels to come off so Daddy took them off and he just started riding that bike like he had been doing it forever!

We also planned a last minute vacation in June, but that's a whole other post all to itself!

Lastly, Layla had her 9 month check up on June 30th. All was well with the little lady. She weighed 22 pounds 9 ounces and was 29 inches long. This visit we excaped without shots, but the next visit we won't be as lucky. I'm just thankful for two healthy and happy kiddos. They are my world and I love them and their Daddy more than they know!

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